They were made for a Tuscany stay as and alternative to a stay in Pisa o a stay in Lucca: they are very closed by both the towns but out of the town wall in a relaxed landscape among the Tuscany nature.

Corliano’s residences are flats dedicated to long-run hospitality, are located in several buildings of the monumental complex and to date include:

The Villa’s tower (apartment for 4 pax)        from € 60,00/night
Borealis apartment (2 pax)                           from € 100,00/night
The apartment of the Nymphs (2 pax)         from € 50,00/night
The apartment of the Fairies (4/6 pax).       from € 80,00/night
Long period prices must be verified and depend by the season and number of persons for occupancy.

For information and to book +39 3496811415 or +39 3479067286

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